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Every Legacy Contract is carefully drafted to represent your expressed intention and avoid future legal dispute and misinterpretations.

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Master Legacy

Master Legacy is a company that specializes in Asset and Legacy Law, offering services such as drafting Contracts (Legacy Contracts, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, etc.) and handles legal procedure application in Malaysia.

Since 2016, we have been offering legal consultation and services to numerous individuals and businesses. Our commitment is to ensure that the hard-earned assets of our clients receive legal protection. These assets encompass the safeguarding of corporate shares and equity, as well as the risk management of properties ownership and more.

Our company places a strong emphasis on training the capabilities and experience of our Legal Specialist. Most of the time customers may not be aware of their legal risk, therefore, we need to possess well expertise to helping client in risk analysisL

Our Services

At Master Legacy, professional services are divided into three main components: Assets and Legacy Consulting, Contract Drafting, Legal Procedure Application.

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Professional Legal Will Programme

Our Achievements


Centro Mall Annual Professional Office Design Award


Successfully organised a Legal Testament Symposium at UTAR Kampar campus


Breaking the notion of Legacy Contract, whereby Contract are no longer the patent for the elderly and successfully penetrated the market of young people


More than 2000 clients have been consulted with 10000 referrals provided by our valued clients