About Us

Who We Are

MASTER LEGACY is a company specializes in Asset and Legacy Law, offering services such as drafting Contracts (Legacy Contracts, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, etc.). and handles legal procedure application.


Will Drafting Pen Services

The concept that inspired us to start this company goes back to the aviation incident that shocked the world in 2014 – the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The incident led to questions that made our founders repeatedly contemplate:

It was there, and then, they decided to come up with a solution to these questions –  a specially tailored and legally acceptable will for families to ensure all members benefit from it.

Because you’ve worked hard all your life to give your loved ones a good life, it’s just as important to maintain that good life for them when you’re gone.

At Master Legacy, we can help you to achieve that. Contract drafting is our niche, and our Professional Asset and Legacy Legal Specialist will help you to make the right decision, according to your immediate needs and future plans.

We Translate Your Wish into Words

For some people, the right words don’t come easy when it comes to expressing their wishes, especially if those words carry a personal intention and need to be legally binding. At Master Legacy, we understand such predicament, and we have the right words for that. Our approach is to take our time working with you and acquiring as much information as we can from your side. Above all, every will are carefully drafted to represent your expressed intention and avoid future legal dispute and misinterpretations.

One Client, And One Contract, At A Time

Despite our goal of establishing our business as one of the leading will writing company in Malaysia, we take pride in our image as a boutique company that provides personalised service to our valued clients. We also distinguish ourselves with the level of attention and commitment that we offer to our valued clients. From returning your calls promptly and having your wishes adequately written, we ensure that our services lead to the desired outcome for both parties.