Our Strengths

We Offer Personalised Service and Consultation

No two persons have the same family background, financial assets, predicaments, and so are their wishes. Based on this principle, we provide personalised consultation and drafting of the Legacy Contract, ensuring that all of our valued client’s wish is correctly conveyed in the Legacy Contract. Above all, this approach will provide not only fruitful outcomes but also a rewarding personal experience for both parties.

We Have the Right Executor

We spent almost three years reviewing and weighing our options regarding the executor of our drafted Legacy Contract. Choosing Amanah Raya Berhad was indeed a right decision on our part. With ARB onboard, the probability of any mistake or shortcoming is almost equal to zero. Hence the will of our valued clients can be directly and adequately executed without any intermediaries.

In terms of Experience and Expertise, We Are Voluminous

Our team of Asset & Legacy Legal Specialist are competent in dealing with complex cases and in drafting Contracts, we draw from our voluminous experience to prevent any practical problems and legal misinterpretations and disputes in the future.